I was going to do a jibe about Hodgson looking like a bus driver and him doing double coaching duties with going to the Europa Cup Final by driving them there in the Harrington Legionnaire…

It's the self preservation...

(Recognise the bus ? It’s the one from The Italian Job)

…Because at one point it looked like the volcanic ash was going to ground flights again and it could have been another road trip to Hamburg for Roy’s boys, but things have cleared now.

Mini Rant: It still bloody annoys me that they renamed this competition. The winner will still be given the UEFA Cup Trophy, they didn’t change the name of that.

We can (hopefully) look forward to watching an entertaining hey-let’s-go-for-it match between Atlético Madrid and Fulham Football Club because both teams deserve to be there.

Both are in the shadows of bigger club in their cities and Atlético have only won one major trophy (the UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup in 1961/92) before this. Fulham on the other hand haven’t won…anything. Oh the Intertoto Cup in 2002. I stand corrected. So you know that whoever lifts the trophy, this will mean so much to them.

Atlético though are lucky to be in the final after literally stumbling through the earlier rounds:
In the knockout phases it went to extra time against Club Brugge, then it was the away goal rule for the round of 16, quarter and semi-finals.

Meanwhile at Fulham they had the hard slog of driving to Germany (to play Hamburg), but before that had the momentous occasion and highlight of the season when they beat Juventus.

…And because of their previous efforts in my opin I really do this this a match too far for them.
But then again and once again I remind myself that this is football and…

Because of some injury concerns they might have to park that above bus in front of the goal, but they might clear up in time. Hopefully we’ll see Row Zed no more Zamora being rewarded with his efforts by being called up afterwards by Fabio into the 30 man squad (but still no final 23), but more hopeful that this will be an entertaining and memorable match. Because in 30 days time it will be forgotten.

– Some music to send them off then and sadly I have to report that the tunes associated with them are all pretty, pretty bad. The two below could be considered the “best” of the bunch.

Fulham Football Club » They Haynes Boys – One F In Fulham

» Fulham Flurries – These Boots Are Made For Walking

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