Huh…? Wha….? Is it over…?   *Rubs eyes*   What did I miss…?

Nothing…? .. not a single goal..?

What I did see Ronnie Ronaldo falling down every time he was challenged, I should have done something with the prediction league where the players had to guess how many.

– Oh I did promise to post something from the winners didn’t I.   Me and my big mouth…

I was hoping that the other side would have pulled off an upset because I had a really good bad one lined up for them. There was a tenuous connection to them with the singer purportedly being a fan of the team, but I’ll have to save that for the next time they appear in a cup final.

Whatever decade that will be…

*zing !*

But they didn’t and the other ones did so let’s have a dig through the bin here and see what I’ve got…

Ah ! One from The Georgie Boys (gee not dee) and a 60’s sounding tribute to Fergie and his boys – including Lee Sharpe, Brian McClaire, Paul Parker and others. So that will give you an idea of the period it was recorded.

» The Georgie Boys – Red Devils

– and here’s a repost from last October, because it seems appropriate after watching (most of) this match:

» ALRN – Another Wasted Afternoon

One Reply to “There’s 120 Minutes I’ll Never Get Back”

  1. thanks a bunch – I’m still having massive problems getting the unfortunately rather catchy Quo out of my head.. can’t believe I’m almost singing “come on you Reds”.. tho, in the light of Wednesday’s thrashing I would at least back the winners 🙂

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