I’ve decided to compile some songs I’ve stumbled across recently – and some I already have in my collection… (yes I’m still phoning it in, normal service will resume after the tournament). All of these tracks have the same two words in common: World Cup.

And I have to say kudos to all of the following artists with this one. They could have gone down the route of doing a song for xx country. But what if that country doesn’t qualify for the next tournament. There’s also the pitfall that if you name a player or manager or especially the year or tournament in the song, you immediately date it. With these tracks the artists have guaranteed that their songs will be repeatedly played in the future.

» Released four years ago but as I said it doesn’t matter if you don’t mention the year. This is from the French band Taihi 80, worth searching out some of their other stuff too.

» Along with the band above, this from the American group Air Miami I’ve mentioned here on F&M a number of times. If you do a search of the blog you’ll find the remixes of this one, originally release in 1994.

» This is from an American band with a French sounding name: Eux Autres (pronounced “Ooz oh tra”) I recognise the cartoon that’s on the video to go with the song, but can’t remember it’s name…
Edit: They actually mention the 2010 WC in the lyrics, but I’m leaving it here because it’s a decent tune.

» This one is by an Australian who just released a 2014 version. It is by Joey Bounce who decided to create an instrumental World Cup anthem and include audio from Aussie broadcasts. Have a listen 1994 version too.

» Via the UK comes this samba beat, like the above also a instrumental and additionally like above it samples some match commentary – this time from Brazilian commentators:

» There’s a free download of this one and also you can purchase a very limited edition vinyl from P.Way aka Professor Whaley:

» I’m slightly cheating with this last one, it was mentioned by Pierre-Etienne Minonzio, who I contributed to his Petit Manuel Musical Du Football book. The title of this Chilean song – from 1962 – is El Rock Del Mundial:

Extra Time: There’s more songs on the Brazilian version of the Huffington Post – Gaía Passarelli, my friend in São Paulo writes about this: ouça 4 temas alternativos da Copa do Mundo 2014 (Hear the alternative themes for the World Cup).

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