World Cup South Africa Vuvuzela

I know many of you have switched over to see how the British (currently 56%) Scottish hope is doing, but there’s still some decent matches to be had down in South Africa.

The Round of 16 is complete and of the last eight teams remaining in the competition there’s one representative from Africa, two from Europe and FOUR from South America… Do you think there’s something with that south of the equator thing ? If so then we can expect to see pretty much the same at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil..? Ah we’ll see. There’s still 2 in 8 chance that it might not happen.

– As to the music there’s a couple of tunes I haven’t had the opportunity to bang out until now.

The first one I’m actually kicking myself about because I forgot where it came from now.

I though I bookmarked it…nope. Was it sent via email ? No… Ah where was it…?
As I was searching around I found the following – It was the photograph below which was uploaded to Flickr. The text with the pic says: “Reptile championship write the unofficial 2010 World Cup theme tune.”

The track is a mashup tune which you’ll hear a bit of Joy Division at the beginning as well as a very famous bit of commentary which is a bit poetic now.


Ah my crappy memory… *slaps forehead*

It was from Twohundredpercent !
I said…I think in a tweet..that I would give it a mention and I have, but not in the way I originally wanted. So apologies to Ian over there at the always excellent Twohundred…. This didn’t get the full promotion and posting that I intended or that it deserved, but at least I remembered to actually post it.

Reptile Championship » Reptile Championship – The Battle Is Won

This next one is from the well known beat combo British Sea Power and although the following NME article mentions England in the article, there’s not one mention of England anywhere in the song. They sing about South Africa and football but as I said, no mention of the England team. Which as we know now, is a good thing.

British Sea Power have recorded their own World Cup anthem for the England football team.

Called ‘Football (Kick It In The Goal)’, the track takes inspiration from a calypso song written to commemorate the opening of the Maurice Bishop International Airport in Grenada.

Featuring British Sea Power’s Martin Noble, Brakes’ Marc Beatty and Eamon Hamilton and The Modern Ovens’ Darren Moon and Matt Eaton, the group have released the song under the name The Bench Warmers.

» Full Article

British Sea Power » The Bench Warmers – Football (In The Goal)

» Read more here.

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