This post for the Raith Rovers supporter JC, aka the The Vinyl Villain, who inspired me to start F&M.

Raith Rovers supporters

A few years back I posted a biography/history of Raith Rovers F.C and at the time of posting I mentioned that they were in 2nd spot of the Scotia Division 1, things were looking up.

But sadly they didn’t. Raith are still stuck in the same division and last season they were battling relegation. The manager John McGlynn, who in previous seasons got them oh so close jumped ship over to Hearts and the defender Grant Murray was made player/manager for the new season.

Updated/quick bio done. Now to the music.

Back in 2009 there was only one musical act I could find that sang anything related to Raith, they were the band Crooked Jack.

Now it would be nice to find other bands but I don’t mind it being just them because they are loyal Raith Rovers supporters. They deserve some recognition for their work.

This featured song today is a very nice tune, called “Blues Run The Game” :

Crooked Jack – Blues Run The Game


I discovered that in August of last year (2011) the Raith Rovers Supporters recorded a single with proceeds going to charity. The song is a traditional one associated with the club, called “Geordie Munro” – Have a listen via Spotify (if you have it) below, and buy/download the song via Amazon or iTunes.

Additional to the additional…

Also discovered this video on YouTube, which I’m sure is amusing to JC and other Raith Rovers supporters:

And finally…

In tribute to The Vinyl Villain without whom, etc… here’s a song I rediscovered because of the blog: It is from the Edinburgh born Paul Haig, he of Postcard Records, Josef K and all that. This track for me is the perfect storm, of the music and the lyrics matching so perfectly:

Paul Haig » Paul Haig – Something Good

Why this wasn’t a big hit I’ll never know. Timeless.

Thanks JC.

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