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I have just spent the last few hours wandering through the French language site: The Vintage Football Club, which like F&M does as it says on the tin.

With the amount of content they have it’s easy to get lost but you end up discovering many new treasures…

At first glance you would think that it’s only about football in France in the 70’s and 80’s, with the Panini pics and scans of old League 1 teams… But no there’s more, much much more once you take a trip.

– You will find such delights as the Arsenal double from 70-71, as well as the 1977 FA Cup Final.
– There’s a detailed look at Euro ’84 (which France won). There are vintage pics of some stadiums, also have a look at West Ham from 77-78 and the Man United centenary.

– Not just those though, there are other curiosities like an entire section on Retro WAGs if that’s your thing. Plus a section on what fashionable footballers were wearing back then, including (Sir) Bobby Moore as the lonesome cowboy :

Bobby Moore the cowboy

The Vintage Football Club is also a kindred spirit to Football and Music because they too celebrate the meeting of the two worlds…

Their Rock Action section has an image of Queen (the band that is) with Diego Maradona. They’ve got Didier Six with a gramophone.
– and they also have the following…

The Shoes are a couple of musicians (who also remix and DJ) from Reims, which is a medium sized town about 90 miles east of Paris.
The Shoes
I don’t really know much more than that so I’ll do a sort of google translated summary of what The Vintage Football Club wrote about one of their releases from last year, in which the band entitled an EP in honour of their local football club, Stade de Reims, currently playing in Ligue 2.

“When two musicians (from Reims) pay homage to their illustrious elders from the 70s – not the best decade for Champagne – it gives The Shoes, a sparkling electro duo who immortalized the team on the cover of their mini-lp: “Stade de Reims 1978“.

“A real success with the music as opposed to sport since the Stade de Reims, then, slowly but surely sliding towards the bottom of the championship of France. (At the time of this release Reims were in the 3rd division) but are now back in the 2nd). But like the great teams that never die, The Shoes rekindled the flame…”

I can’t really understand/translate the rest of that properly, go and have a look for yourself.

I can’t find the reason about anywhere, why they picked 1978 Stade de Riems, that period, apart from winning the Coppa delle Alpi in 1977, wasn’t particularly a notable one.

» Here’s a couple of remixed tracks from that EP. Here for a limited time.

The EP
» The Shoes – America (Brodinski Remix)

» The Shoes – Keep That Control (Yuksek Remix)

Extra time:

– A bonus track and a remix by The Shoes of a track by Hard Fi:

» Hard-Fi – I Shall Overcome (The Shoes Rmx)

You can find more about The Shoes on Blogger, MySpace and Twitter.

– Don’t forget to bookmark and visit The Vintage Football Club often.

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