Schlaaaaaaaaaaaaand !

We know how things are on our side, but how do the German fans and the country as a whole see it ?
I decided to ask a friend of F&M – Teena a “German Geordie” who runs Y I, Mum? for her thoughts and posed a couple of questions: What (in your opinion) is the Germany team like at the moment ? What do the German people think of the team and their chances ?

Teena went above and beyond what I was expecting so I’m copy & pasting her entire response:

“Our team ? Hmm… I like Jogi’s multi-cultural kids. Technically good (though the passing at times leaves me speechless… or voiceless), enterprising and entertaining, and surprisingly creative. Respect for the opponents but no fear. The last two games have shown a number of weaknesses, most worryingly individual errors and lack of communication/understanding in defence. Neuer hasn’t really done anything wrong in goal yet, largely due to the fact that he hasn’t had that much to do in the first place, but I’d rather not leave it till penalties. Mad Jens he ain’t.

Team spirit though is excellent and collectively, I think, we are a bit pacier and trickier than England, but also less experienced, bit brittle at the back, and at times prone to lose our cool. And of course we’re keeping all fingers crossed that MÖÖÖ (that’s MezütÖÖÖzil 🙂 & Schweini get fit for Sunday. Without them…I’d start biting my nails now. But with them fit, I’m quietly confident.

Most of my fellow Germans are largely of the same opinion. While some still rate Gomez (dunno why or as what :D) and others shout for Kießling to get a chance up front (me too), all agree that the team is a lot better than we had initially thought/feared and reaching the quarter finals would be a massive achievement for such a young bunch. That said, I know more Germans who will loudly and proudly support England on Sunday (don’t ask..) and they reckon we (Germany) get soundly beaten by England (largely believing the “Rooney propaganda machine”. Despite having watched all 3 England games. Probably not all Germany games though.

All are in high spirits in Schlaaaaaaaaaaaaand, as it is now known, with wild anticipation too. Most football friends (of either nationality) hope for their country to win but also for a good and fair game. If we play crap and go out (even against England.. we’re quite over that old rivalry by now), most of us won’t have a huge problem (after 10 beers and maybe a few tears) then start preparing for 2012.”

The other question I put to her was obviously about music and like everybody over in England, there are many, many acts who have jumped on the Germany/World Cup song bandwagon.

”  The music…?

Obviously “Schland o Schland” is THE summer hit. I’ve seen strangers at tram stops jamming to it.
Also “Gimme Hope Joachim” is another one, but more amongst older generations as the kids can’t remember the original.

Much like myself, many people dig out “classic” football songs such as “54, 74, 90, 2010” by Sportfreunde Stiller, plus there’s Helden 2010 (Revolverheld’s re-written 2008 hit) highly shoutable, thousands of fans in a public viewing area singing it give you goosebumps.

Another ‘official’ one is Stefan Hämer’s “Wir glauben an euch” (we believe in you)… also there’s a Mercedes-sponsored campaign “Der vierte Stern für Deutschland”. A bit slow for my taste, I need more cheery uppy bounceable tunes like Kika Live Ben“Let’s go WM 2010” and also – “Schaut nach oben (Look up)“. The vid’s a bit amateurish but the song and lyrics are not too shabby, needs a wee make-over but I like…”

I’ll end it there because Teena mentions loads more which I want to save for another time.
IF they get through to the next round of course…

A postscript though on the “Gimme Hope Joachim” tune – Teena has informed me that there’s an updated and up-to-date video just made and published. So I’ll close this post with the a capella song by Basta which now includes Uwe Seeler, the current squad minus Michael Ballack. France on strike, Rob Green, Beckham in a suit instead of England strip, Spanish referees… ah just watch it below. Then go over to Y I, Mum? for more details and eventually some translated lyrics.

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