USA ’94. Ah the memories eh ?

Remember when Engl… oh that’s right

We were left sitting at home watching “England B” as we called them, on the telly.

The Republic of Ireland won their opening game: 1-0 against Italy – and then of course, there was the very famous penalty miss…

Oh sorry. You weren’t thinking of that one.

It was this which gave Brazil another trophy:

As for the music – With the USA being a source of such great artists as the above Diana Ross, Stevie Wonder and so on… there had to be some fantastic music.

Hate to break it to you but there wasn’t. The best that they could come up with was Daryl Hall and a hugely bombastic gospel tinged theme.
(Although being the football and musical nerd that I am, I still would like to hear Gloryland (Action Mix) and the Emotion Mix)

But as you’ve probably guessed with the title of this post, there was a bit of music which called itself the unofficial 1994 World Cup theme – and do you know what. It is.

USA 94 opening ceremony

The group are Bristol based, progressive house groovers Way Out West and in 1994 with this being one of their first efforts, released Shoot:

Way Out West - Shoot cover
» Way Out West – Shoot

» Way Out West – Shoot (Extra Time)

I wanted to include something else from 1994. but the charts were turgid that year. So instead here’s something else from Way Out West – on Top Of The Pops and being introduced by Dennis Pennis. Remember him ?

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