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“Watching Man City miss out on the Champers league today I couldn’t help humming this little ditty from Rialto. Their cross town buddies must have been chortling all through the last 10 min, “not yet, you don’t”.

Or does it apply to Villa, perennial also-rans, likely looking at 6th place for the 3rd year in a row ?”

Rialto » Rialto – The Underdogs


The Underdogs keep running after shining motorbikes,
trying to keep up while they look back and laugh,
oh we’re so tired of dragging our hearts.
It’s the chrome and steel,
and all the power that we want to feel,
so when we catch them we will rip them apart,
cos it’s no more than they did to us.
* We’ve been waiting so long,
we know just what we want,
we will cheat and we’ll rob,
cos we are The Underdogs,
we are The Underdogs.
The Underdogs, and we’ve had too
much shit kicked out of us,
to stop us howling at the moon through the night,
and if it keeps them up, well that’s alright.
To be bitter and alone is such a dirty little job.
We’re jaded to our brittle bones,
cos we are The Underdogs,
yes we are The Underdogs.

I would say it applies more to the Villa. But there’s consolation prizes all round with City, Villa and (thanks to Pompey) Liverpool who are all in the Europa next season.

Might as well throw in an additional track from this average sounding band who no-one misses:
Another track with “un”, this time it is Untouchable – which could be related to…?

» Rialto – Untouchable
- Video

Thanks Eric. Keep them coming.

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