[Subs Bench] The Tenuous Link To Music Post

We here at F&M like to bring you some new music as well as posting the classics.
Previously mentions include The Enemy (Coventry) and Koopa (Colchester).

Usually I try to post songs from these new bands that have a connection to a footie team, but in cases like Hard-Fi and The Enemy I’m sometimes loose with the rules.

The same goes with these next ones which have footie references but are not really linked to football and a particular club in any way, but I wanted people to hear them.

Both these bands are hyped to be the next big thing by the NME amongst others (which sometimes can be a curse).

Glasvegas: Are from Glasgow and did this one called jumpers for goalpos… err I mean Flowers and Football Tops.


» Glasvegas – Flowers and Football Tops (Demo)

Vampire Weekend: Are an American band from New York City. They did this one called Walcott.

Vampire Weekend

» Vampire Weekend – Walcott

I also found a band called Rooney but unlike the special needs kid their stuff misses the post.

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