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In the early 1980’s many of the bands in and around Manchester began to sound like Joy Division/New Order. It couldn’t be helped. Because of where they came from and the type of music they wanted to play, they wanted to emulate the biggest band from there at that time.

They though, not wanting to be accused of being a New Order knock-off, did find their own unique sound. But it is still very easy to stray back into that territory.

The featured band today know too well of this. This three-member group live only a few miles down the road from Blackwood in Wales, which is home to another three-piece band who are very, very well known.

The band is called Argument City and do you know what – they have a Wales/Euro 2016 song.
Argument City
You know the news about the Manic Street Preachers doing the official Euro 2016 song for the Wales National Team and now you are thinking; “Come on… this other band are just copying…” Well no, they never actually intended to do any of this.

The band were in the studio and after recording this track they wanted to throw it away because it sounded too much like the Manics. They then decided to do a football song for Wales/Euro 2016 and what the hell, let’s use this one. This was well before the news about the Manic Street Preachers and the official tune. But they pressed on anyway. After completing the song the band decided that all profits will go to a local children’s hospice.

From the WalesOnline article:

All the members of Argument City are massive Wales football fans and all three members – Scott and his bandmates Dan Hagerty – lead singer/guitarist and Rhys Edwards – bass have attended every Wales home game in the Euro 2016 campaign as well as a number of away matches.

“Our two major passions are football and music, so it’s a natural fit,” said Scott.

“It would be remiss of us if we hadn’t recorded a Euro 2016 song.”

Ah why not. There’s plenty of room and there will be loads of others. Besides this one is very, very good.

As you heard the band got a mention of Hal Robson Kanu into

Vive La France
The dragons are now in flight
When the whistle blows
The boys will know we’re there
Cest La Vie
Annwyl I mi
Let’s shake off the grit
From our once big pit like
Hal Robson – Hal Robson Kanu


For 60 years we’ve had to wait
To relive the spirit of ‘58
We’ll be seeing Red
They’ll be seeing Red
You’ll be seeing Red

‘93 that penalty
Is nothing more than a distant memory
In June Bordeaux
We’ll start to show
That we’re here to win
And the noise we’ll bring we’ll sing
Stronger – Together Stronger

They’ve made a lyric video too:

… and finally a proper video.

Via Wales Online – a bit of background about the vid:

A primary school teacher has roped his entire school into featuring in the video for his band’s Euro 2016 single Spirit Of ‘58.

Scott Williams, who teaches at Georgetown Primary School in Tredegar , got the agreement of the school and parents for the children to appear in the brilliant video for the band’s Welsh football charity song.

The video, which was shot by Hamish Kay, of Trust Productions, sees Scott’s band Argument City performing their barnstorming track and the kids acting out what Wales ’ opening game against Slovakia at Euro 2016 could look like – complete with a stirring rendition of the national anthem and ecstatic fans.

All profits from the single will go to Tŷ Hafan, which is a Welsh children’s hospice.

» You can download the song via iTunes, also via Amazon UK and other download sites.

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