Bob's Mankini

“I used to think (after Inter) I could not go on and the strife was nothing but very long. But now I know the meaning of true love, now I’m earning on the everlasting Sheikhs. If I can see it… then I can do it, If I just believe it, there’s nothing to it…

I believe in my training methods. I believe that I can touch the Sky (Plus). I watch Corrie every night and day, spread my bingo wings and then Gareth Barry – away !

I believe that I know, I see me running through that revolving door, I believe I’ll be fired.

See I was on the verge of breaking the status quo, somehow stumble the team into the top four. There are miracles in life that they must achieve, but first I know it starts with me getting my cards if I don’t achieve.

I can see it, if some believe it, but there’s nothing to it. (Is there ?)

The Special One also sees it. He’ll be next I know.”

[ Bob Mankini, aged 45 and ¾ ]

(Some of these words may or may not have been lifted from an R Kelly song)

» De Scalzi Bros – Roberto Mancini

Extra Time:

» De Scalzi Bros – Sampdori – Samba De Toninho

» De Scalzi Bros – Uno Scudetto Nel Cuore

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