This is the first post in the Frank Sidebottom week. Since it’s Tuesday already I’d better get on with it…

Not Bobbins !

There might be one or two of you out there who don’t know who Francis (he hates it when his mum calls him that) nomiddlename Sidebottom is, so a quick bio:

He first came to everybody’s notice as a dedicated and loyal fan of the band The Freshies (who it is rumoured that the lead singer Chris Sievey is one of the same, but it’s not true I tell ya !) and eventually he was given a chance to release some songs which he had recorded in the shed at the bottom of his back garden and eventually led to a record deal.

Frank has appeared on the telly and on the radio, he’s had his own show on each of these mediums at one time or another. On Radio Timperley his sidekick was Mrs Merton.
Some past members of his backing group – the “Oh Blimey Big Band” who went out on tours with him included Mark Radcliffe and Jon Ronson, and Chris Evans used to drive the van.

– If you want a proper look at a biography have a look at his Wikipedia entry.

Frank’s footballing loyalties lie in three places. The others I’ll get to in the next series of Frank Sidebottom posts, but we start off with the team down the road from Timperely, where he lives.

Altrincham F.C. (also known as Alty) since their formation have played in various non-league divisions. Occasionally they cause an F.A. Cup upset, but they spend most of the time struggling in the Conference.

They have a few famous fans, but none have sung about them apart from Mr Sidebottom.

– This first one is a football medley…of sorts…   It is a recording of Frank with Little Frank down at Moss Lane. The 2nd track proclaims that they are not Bobbins. Then the third track was from when Alty were on one of their F.A.Cup runs and the Beeb featured him on that footie telly show they have…

» Frank Sidebottom – 6 Greatest Football Chants

» The Robbins Aren’t Bobbins

» Guess Who’s Been On Match Of The Day (short version)

Additional: A live performance:

Also you must visit: Frank’s World

Coming up next…more Frank.

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