The Pub Singer Returns

I'm shhhinging here....

Oh this is bad… Or is it so bad that it’s good ? No. It’s really really bad.

It’s on a par with Soccer Superstar, maybe even worse…?

(I just listened again to remind myself of how bad it was. Why did I just do that ? )

Nottingham Forest fans – you would do well by disowning and disavowing all knowledge of this one.

It’s got to be a pisstake…has to be tongue in cheek… can’t be an actual serious thing can it ?

The more I listen to it (yes more self inflicted harm) the more incredulous I get.

Remember that Father Ted episode ? The Song for Europe one ? When Fathers Dick Byrne and Cyril McDuff do their bombastic song (7min,30 secs in). Well this one is very much like that one.

It starts out ballad-like with just the piano and the singer begins to warble along with some spectacularly corny lines which will make you cringe and by the end of the song be curled up on the floor.

Ah man how could he do it…

I was going to describe a bit more about the song and even transcribe some of the lyrics but I can’t. It hurts too much. You have to click below and listen for yourself:

» Josh Richards – On The Road


One Reply to “The Pub Singer Returns”

  1. TeeTotallyNot says:

    ARRGHH indeed!!!!!
    was just going to congratulate you on a fine website, and spread the word through my blog, but then I happend upon this.. well, I don’t know what to call it 🙂
    what were you thinking?!??! LOL
    top-notch stuff still, thanks a lot!
    BTW – not sure if die Ärzte ever did a football song but Die Toten Hosen did.. I can mail you some if you want ’em 🙂


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