Mister Grimsdale !

It is sad to read that his kids have put Sir Norman Wisdom into a retirement home.
Well he is 92 years old now and only retired from performing live on stage at 90.

But some gutter rats from The News of the Screws visited the living comedy legend and found out he’s actually happy there. (There’s a video that accompanies that article you have to watch).

Again like the mention of Bentine the other day, if you’ve not heard of him. Look him up. Lee Evans owes his whole act to Sir Norman.

Norman Wisdom

I’ve got a story about when our paths crossed briefly. I may tell it at the end. All depends on how this post goes.

Some things I recently found out about him:

» He used to post and corresponded with people via the forum on his IMDB profile.

(These from Wikipedia)
» Wisdom is a lifelong supporter and a former board member of Brighton and Hove Albion F.C.

» In 1995, he visited the post-Stalinist Albania, where to his surprise he was greeted by many appreciative fans including the president. His fondness for Brighton & Hove Albion is renowned in Albania and consequently there are many ‘Seagulls’ fans there.

» On a visit in 2001 which coincided with the England football team playing Albania in Tirana, his presence at the training ground even eclipsed that of David Beckham.

The Wikipedia entry for Brighton has him listed with their other famous supporters. With the additional info: “Norman Wisdom, the comedian who was once a director of the club and who wrote new words for the club’s song “Sussex by the Sea”.

I don’t have that, but what I do have is a song recorded for their FA Cup Final appearance in 1983.

This final was memorable because of something said by the commentator right at the crucial moment:

“…and Smith must score !”

But unfortunately, like when Brian Moore asked Keegan as England were taking the pens, the commentator’s prophetic words were a curse to striker Gordon Smith. He hesitated and Gary Bailey saved it.

Smith didn't score

The match finished 2-All and in the replay they were gubbed 4-nil.

That Final appearance seemed to be their top flight swansong, after that things went downhill and after skirting with relegation from the football leagues all together, are (at the moment) 6th place in the old Division Three.

There is still an ongoing drama with their ground. But I’ll save that story for another day…

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