The sequel and concluding part to the Non-League music special.

In Part One there was York City, Newport County, Mansfield Town, Wrexham, Kidderminster Harriers and Stevenage Borough.

Today we are going Rock n’ Roll with an appearance from The Stones !

…err I should clarify that I don’t mean Mick n’ Keef and co… what I meant to actually say was:


Wealdstone FCThe club (nicknamed The Stones) are most famously known for having Stuart Pearce on their books. But did you know that another football “hardman” Vinnie Jones also got his start there. These two didn’t play at the same time though, Pearce was there until 1983 and Jones started the 1984 season.

» It was the mid-80’s when Wealdstone F.C. had their moment in the sun, when they became the first non-league team to do the double: They topped the Alliance Premier (also known as the Gola League back then for sponsorship reasons, you know it now as the Conference National) and the FA Trophy.

But even with winning the Conference sadly for Wealdstone they didn’t become a league club.

Back then, in the 84-85 season the champions had to apply for election to the Football League and they were denied because their ground wasn’t up to standard. In fact the 2nd and 3rd place runners up were also denied. The 4th placed team, Bath City were allowed but they lost the vote by a large margin – Full story.

Sadly for the club they were relegated two seasons later and have been dropping ever since. Coupled with them having to relocate things haven’t been very bright for Wealdstone F.C. the last few years.

– But let’s remember the good times and when Brian Hall steered them to the double:

» The Defenders – We Are The Stones

More Stones !

Maidstone United

MaidstoneThe club that (along with Aldershot) in 1992 resigned from the league and went out of business. But they reformed and now play in the Isthmian League.

This one I have no additional information, it is a vintage song, sounds like it was recorded late 60’s or early 70’s.

As far as I can tell from the tune it’s the players from back from whenever it was, singing about the club and that’s about it.

» Maidstone United – The MUFC Song

Even MORE Stones !


KingstonianThis club have been knocking around the Isthmian League (Division 1 and Premier), plus the Conference for a long time now.

They did however, win the F.A. Trophy two years in a row (1999 & 2000).

The other time they bothered the Stattos was in 2001 when they reached the FA Cup 4th round and were seconds away from the 5th before Bristol City scored a late goal in a replay.

As the song below says Kingstonian F.C had the nearly, nearly glory days:

» The Norbitones – These Nearly Nearly Glory Glory Days

Fisher Athletic

Fisher AthleticYet another non league club that went out of existence…

Fisher Athletic F.C. were wound up in 2009 after failing to repay their debts.

But a new club was formed and Fisher F.C now play in the Kent League.

– This song, recorded by the players at the club at the {unknown} time. It is also a bit unfortunately titled:

» Fisher Athletic FC – Come On The Fish

Gravesend & Northfleet United

Gravesend and NorthfleetNorthfleet United as they were known until 1946 when they merged with Gravesend and became Gravesend & Northfleet United.

But as you also know they’ve renamed again and are now the partly failing interweb ownership experiment: Ebbsfleet United.

They kept the Fleet nickname and some time ago, back when they were still Gravesend/Northfleet, some unknowns (supporters ?) recorded this ditty:

» The Swanscome End – Here Comes The Fleet

Burton Albion

Burton AlbionOur last non-league club in this post and a look at Burton Albion F.C.

They are currently enjoying a league status… actually I don’t know about enjoy… There is an outside chance that they could find themselves back in the Conference, but will probably be spared because the two clubs below them are really stinking up the place.

By football standards the club is a relatively new one, they were founded in 1950 and because of a very famous and well known brewery in the town, are nicknamed the Brewers.

That brewery, Ind Cooper, are now part of the faceless corporate giants Allied Breweries

The music here comes from their trip to the FA Trophy Final in 1987, where they had a nil-nil draw with Kidderminster, but lost in the replay.

Ah I’ve spoilt the ending. Have a listen to Bernard Bagin give you a musical audio history of their progress through the rounds until the final.

Then have a listen to the fans with the Ind Coope Brass Band with a terrible rendition of the Sousa classic. Which is where we came in.

» Bernard Bagan and Take Five – Hit the Road to Wembley
» Burton Albion Supporters Accompanied by the Ind Coope Burton Brass Band – Here We Go

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