I always like to write something to accompany these tunes.

I like to tell you about the club, or about the occasion which has brought them (or somebody else) to record a song to (usually) commemorate the occasion.

But I have a few files knocking about which isn’t enough to warrant a full post, plus I spotted a connection between them.

So here for you is the first part of a non-league* special.

*I know that some of them are league teams now, I'm being loose with the rules.

Starting with…

York City

York City old badgeThe former league club who’ve been non-league for few years now.

Listening to the lyrics of this song it mentions Denis Smith and promotion.

Wikipedia tells me that Smith was in charge and that York City had won the old 4th Division in 1984 with a record amount of points (101).

To the tune of Sousa’s “Stars and Stripes Forever…”

Newport County

Newport CountyThe city in focus thanks to the Ymerodraeth State of Mind video.

The club was relegated from the Football League in 1988 and went out of business in February 1989. They then reformed and joined the non-league pyramid and were promoted to the Conference National last season.

I have absolutely no idea when this very traditional sounding tune was recorded. They do mention promotion in the song.

If you have any more information you can add, leave a comment below.

» Newport County Supporters with the Colin Woodman Sextette – Come On The County

Mansfield Town

MansfieldAnother club with it’s share of troubles

This featured song though is from their league days when their manager, the late Ian Greaves (mentioned in the song) took the team to promotion in the 1985-86 season.

Additional bonus: A bit of match commentary in this very 80’s song. But… Is it from a real game or just made up ? Sounds a bit false to me…

» Mansfield Town – Mansfield Magic


Arfon GriffithsAh the sad story of the once high flying team now wondering if they’ll still be there tomorrow.

This is a curiosity in that before the song there’s a speech by their then manager Arfon Griffiths who is a Wrexham and Wales legend.

After the short speech you hear a snippet of the song and then he’s faded back in again where Griffiths reads a role call of Wrexham players:

» Wrexham Supporters Club and Arfon Griffiths – This Is Arfon Griffiths (Wrexham Is The Name)

The full song itself:

"In 1978 a group of Wrexham supporters recorded 'Wrexham Is the Name' which is sung to the tune of Men of Harlech.

The record was made in recognition of arguably the ‘glory days’ of Wrexham Football Club history which saw famous victories in the European Cup Winners Cup, the FA Cup and league Cup.

The following song was to establish cult status amongst the Racecourse faithful, which still remains as popular as ever. "

» Wrexham Supporters Club – Wrexham Is The Name

Kidderminster Harriers

Kidderminster HarriersAnother club that are also fighting to stay in existence…

In 2007 they reached the FA Trophy Final and this one was to be played at the newly opened Wembley stadium.

The idea for a song for the final was thought up by a few mates in the pub. They collectively called themselves The Aggborough Army and recorded a re-worded version of Dawn’s Tie A Yellow Ribbon:

» The Aggborough Army – Tie A Big Red Ribbon Round The New Wembley

The result of that FA Trophy Final ? They lost 3-2 to…

Stevenage Borough

Stevenage Borough Who renamed themselves Stevenage F.C after they became a league club.

Back when they reached this final the breakfast team of Heartbeat FM (a local radio station now renamed 106 Jack FM) recorded this Fratelli’s inspired trumpet blasting number.

Which ain’t half bad. If it wasn’t for the lyrics.

There’s a video too.

» Herbeat FM Breakfast Team – Boro Boys

Going to wrap it there because I don’t want to flood the post with too many songs. Yep there are more.

Now published…. The conclusion.

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