I don’t know what I could write, what other words could be contributed to describe the best deep lying centre forwards that the Premier League has even seen.

The two songs here are done by some Arsenal supporting musical acts about his time at Highbury, but I want give a mention to one of the greatest World Cup goals I’ve ever witnessed…

Dennis just after he scored that goal against the Argies

[For those of you at werk who can’t click on that link to watch the YouTube clip] It was the 1998 World Cup – the Quarter Finals and Holland were drawing with the Argies.

It was the 89th minute and the thought of extra time was beginning to cross our minds, but then Argentina flashed the ball past the Holland goal. Frank de Boer collected the ball and brought it out of the area. He looked up and then did a bit of the old fashioned Route 1 football… well diagonally anyway… when he sent a 60 yard pass across and up the field to Dennis. Three touches: [1] To catch and control the pass. [2] To take the ball away from the Argentinian defender and [3] With the outside of his right boot curled it round the keeper into the net. 2-1 the game won.

I’m going to launch a cliché with a double entendre here because it needs one:
He didn't fly but his balls did.

– Better give a mention though to those who were paying his weekly wage…

What about that one against Newcastle eh ?
Alright I’m rubbing it in… even Hurry up Harry’s wife could have scored against them.

Ah there I go again.

Butinallseriousness: Voted in an Arsenal poll as the 2nd greatest player of all time (behind Henry) and unlike Shearer (ooh I’m sticking it in today) when he opens the doors, has a cupboard full of silver to look at:

Three Premier Leagues: 1997-98, 2001-02, 2003-04 and Four F.A. Cups:1998, 2002, 2003, 2005.

– –

The following (started out as a chant and turned into a) song which boasted the fact that:

» Rufus Stone – We’ve Got Dennis Bergkamp

…and this next one is a bit of a man crush from Don Sebastiano (more about him in a future post) who recorded this one under yet another band name* which is difficult when searching for any info:

» Yeah – Mr Bergkamp

*Other pain the ass difficult names to google: The The, Pele, Mexico 70 and !!!, amongst others.

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