The New Cold War

It’s been hyped up so much that you know it’s going to be a dire game.

We’ve seen it happen with FA Cup Final matches and I reckon – although I’d love to be proved wrong – that this one is going to be the same.

Both teams will probably play it close and tight and if they nick the odd goal will then defend it for the rest of the 90.

But…. there’s obviously no love lost between the players, so there could be a couple of sending offs and if that happens then it could be an exciting encounter.

I don’t know what to go for. I’d like to see a good old fashioned football match, but because there is so much at stake (financially too) we may see the former.

I’ve delved into my collection of songs and have selected some random songs done by each team from years gone by.

In alphabetical order…

From 1984 – recorded when a Chelsea team including Nigel Spackman and David Speedie celebrated getting out of the old 2nd Division and back into the 1st »

Chelski » Chelsea 1984 – Back On The Ball

From 1990 – a Scottish-tinged outing with some bagpipes and a voice-over at the end, also a Scotsman, who reads out the names of the team members at that time »

M USA » Manchester United 1990 – We Will Stand Together

Later on in the week I’ll post a couple of songs from the winning team.

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  1. Jonny Ray says:

    Going by the songs I’d have to give it to Chelsea. It’t not all that bad.

    The Man Utd one goes on for a bit doesn’t it.


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