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In the crowd of England songs that were released inr the 2006 World Cup there was a bit of gold…

No it wasn’t the Embrace track, (obviously) it was a song that should’ve got more attention and it baffles me as to why it didn’t.

The group who created this masterpiece is Dreadzone and you’ve heard their music being associated with footie elsewhere. If you’ve watched Match Of The Day, or Sky Sports or any fitba related show, I can guarantee that a Dreadzone track was playing in the background.

Quick bio on the band before I continue:

Now in their 15th year, Dreadzone have released five artist albums along with other releases and many singles on various labels as diverse as their music; from Creation to Functional via Virgin. Their seminal 1995 album ‘Second Light‘ was cited by John Peel as one of his 10 favorite albums of all time. Since forming in 1993, Dreadzone have toured the world over in many different live line ups at a wide range of venues and festivals and even found time to squeeze in a top 20 UK hit in the form of ‘Little Britain’. With a firm foundation of support and respect Dreadzone move forward with new releases and shows confirming their status as one of truly original musical pioneers of UK music.

Dreadzone - photograph by Antonio Pagano

…wrote by themselves obviously. Found it on their Facebook Fan Page. If you want something more in depth go to Wikipedia.

Quick background about this tune before I continue:

The song “Iron Shirt” was originally a track on their 2005 album Once Upon A Time.
Then a year later a slightly reworked & reworded version was released to coincide the World Cup.

Greg Dreadzone wrote at the time:

“As some of you may already know the new Dreadzone single release is fast approaching to tie in with the World Cup. At the moment we know that there are 118 football songs out there with about 30 actually being released ..

But…in our humble opinion only one is fit to pass the grade as a proper tune and as a decent song that we can all get behind. What we need from you, even if you don’t like football or are not supporting England, is some help getting the word out there and helping Dreadzone stuff the Crazy Frog and send Embrace and all the others packing.”

Sadly it looked like this song didn’t do as well as some of the others… I mean that bloody annoying frog got to number 11 in the charts and Stan Boardman got to No. 15 FFS ! An injustice was done.

So now again after four years it is time to appreciate the best England/World Cup song from 2006:

Dreadzone - Lion Shirt
» Dreadzone – Lion Shirt (Radio Edit)

» Lion Shirt (Drum Monkeys Remix)

– and the original album version –

» Dreadzone – Iron Shirt

As mentioned above there’s another song which if you’ve watched MoTD you will have heard this music being played in the background when they are doing the goal summary…

Little Britain was originally released in 1996 and got to number 20 in the charts:

» Dreadzone – Little Britain (Single)

» Dreadzone – Little Britain (Instrumental)

» Dreadzone – Little Britain (Black Star Liner Mix)

» Dreadzone – Little Britain (Eon Mix)

» Dreadzone – Little Britain (The Radio One Sessions

» Dreadzone – Little Britain (More Rockers Mix)

– The these tracks will be here for a limited time.

– Some good news: Dreadzone have a new album coming out soon, which you can pre order now. Plus they will begin touring very soon.

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  1. Great song!
    These England-related posts are really stoking my excitement for the World Cup to begin. Too bad it’s still months away!

    Forget Rio…

    Webbie for ENGLAND captain!

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