I promise this is the last of this mini-series featuring Andrew White…

Andrew White collage

Oh and Bayern Munich of course…

Dare I say… he’s like a cross between The Hoff and Jess Conrad.

Less the Hoff because he’s not known anywhere else apart from Germany, more the Conrad (and maybe the Hoff too) with his natty taste in clothing but especially for his cheezy lyrics.

…With a final example and a chance for you to view Mr White in action with this last song:

"From the popper most to the topper most !

FC Bayern and Andrew White » FC Bayern/White – To The Top

Many of the songs posted here were supplied by the man himself on his very own website.
[ *WARNING* Flash header with embedded music which automatically plays.]

If you want more(!) go over here and listen to some Andrew White solo tunes, plus some examples as Executive Producer for Dionne Warwick, Grace Bumbry and “Brian Presley 3rd cousin to Elvis Presley”.

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