The Continuing Horror

I have found out why Spurs haven’t won anything for ages and why they had that nightmare start to this season resulting in the “mutual consenting” of Martin Jol.

You are paying for past musical sins committed by someone who was associated with your club.
Not by who you think, too obvious, but by an ex-player who came back to manage the club. The Hodd

No not that one.

This one »

We’ve posted a previous offence on our ears committed by the hater of the handicapped, which as reported wasn’t just offensive to every Freddie Mercury and Queen fan, he went for the grand slam by doing another cover – an assault on The Beatles track – Hey Jude.

Today it is my sad duty to bring you evidence of yet another musical offence from the annointed one. (After hearing that he had found God the comedian Jasper Carrott remarked: “That must have been one hell of a pass !”) He’s gone for the hattrick on cover versions and this time it is the ultimate insult to everyone everywhere.

Lest we forget

UPDATE: This particular musical crime by the Hodd is removed. Not because we were ordered to or anything but because it is just insulting to everything and everyone.

Glenn Hoddle why do you hate us so ? I thought that – in your own words – it was the disabled who were paying for their sins in a previous life.

It’s Karma you said. Which is a pretty strange remark from a Christian, I thought they didn’t believe in reincarnation. (I have no idea about religion though so I might be incorrect on that.)

I want to remind the FAI of this bit of history. Unbelievably he’s up for the Republic of Ireland job. Look at what you would be taking on. Do you really want this ? You’ve already had a bit of a PR disaster with Stan Staunton’s appointment (which now pales into insignificance when you look at what the FA did with Taylor, McLaren and the Hoddle…) don’t go down that path again. Take your time and choose carefully.

Is there any way we can bring a civil suit against Hodd for his crimes against music… ?

Update: MickMills has been doing some Hodd spotting and found a pic of the evangelical one in the most unlikely place – on Gmail’s login page.

If you spot the Hodd (he seems to have become the footballing version of the Hoff, but without the popularity) anyway other than where he usually is post it on the comments.

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