Song For Whoever

Fortuitous timing…

You know I was just thinking the other day that apart from Aberdeen, the amount of music featuring Scottish clubs is sadly lacking. Then JC from The Vinyl Villain (one of the sites I regularly read via Netvibes) mailed me with a suggestion for a song which would be a perfect introduction to a Scotia fitba & music themed week (or weeks depending on how long it takes me to post them).

He sez:

“Have you picked up on ‘The Highland League’ by I, Ludicrous.

Outstanding footy song that roll-calls all 15 clubs in the UK’s most northerly senior league…”

I did a bit of investigating and found the Too Much Apple Pie blog who talk further about the song:

…You know how every now and then a song comes along that you just can’t stop listening to? Something you have to keep playing again and again because of its sheer, ineffable wondrousness? Well one such instant classic has entered my consciousness in the past 24 hours – a song which I’m certain is going to remain a favourite of mine for, well, until such time as I pop my clogs, really.

It has everything the discerning comedy pop fan could want: a rousing, singalong chorus; some poorly impersonated Scottish accents (and one real one); bits of a classified Pools check; and even a mention of curling! What more could you possibly ask for? …

So have a listen below and don’t skip out on it. Stay to the end:

The Highland League - click to visit

» I,Ludicrous – The Highland League:
» Available on the Dirty Washing EP.

Don’t forget to visit the Official I, Ludicrous Homepage. The text on their site is footie themed, plus they have many other wonderfully named songs. Plus go and buy some of their merchandise.

» Whilst I’m here I’d like to take this opportunity to make an appeal for any more Scottish fitba related music. I’ve got a handful here but if you have something there, be it about a team or by a team or about a player or by a player, then please send it to me. Cheers.

4 Replies to “Song For Whoever”

  1. carrascus says:

    Teenage Fanclub are serious Celtic’s supporters… I saw Norman Blake in Sevilla (my town) for the UEFA cup final versus Oporto.

  2. Keith says:

    Hi, interesting read.

    Just thought I’d point out that the photo you have of Kilmarnock’s ground is actually that of St Mirren. Apologies if this seems pernickety, just thought you’d like to know 🙂


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