A Lithuanian Comedy Drama

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Are you sitting comfortably ? Good then I’ll begin.

Vlad the ImpailerThis seemingly never ending story started in 2005 when the then going deeply into debt Hearts were romanced by a Romanov, but this wasn’t a decedent of that famous family, this was a businessman from Lithuania who fell in love with Scotia fitba and wanted to be a part of it.

Despite the fans concerns about this shifty character the shareholders saw dollars and thus began what is possibly the first proto-meglomania-type football club owner…

…Actually I’d better stop myself there. I’ve heard and I don’t know if it’s still true that Vlad the Impaler is very litigious.

Suffice to say anyone who watched the goings on will know of the initial dizzying highs, the lows. The questionable hirings and then firings up at the Heart Of Midlothian club.

To read more of the ongoing saga start here at Wikipedia and then follow the links at the bottom of the page there too.

The Heart of Midlothian

I’m going to go in a different direction and pay tribute to a legendary Scottish comedian and who wrote some songs not just for Hearts, but for other clubs too.

Sadly there isn’t more information about Hector Nicol, a comedian and singer who influenced Billy Connelly amongst others.

In his singing career Wikipedia says that… he wrote The Hearts Song for Heart of Midlothian FC and Glory, Glory to the Hibees for Hibernian FC . He also wrote the The Terrors of Tannadice for Dundee United FC and Dark Blue Of Dundee for Dundee FC however, he supported St Mirren FC.

Then is an IMDB page with a mini-bio which says:

Hector Nicol“Hector Nichol was a great Edinburgh comedian, notoriously blue and with a penchant for dressing up in outrageous female costumes during his act. He recorded a classic anthem for Hibernian, but his other lasting legacy, as well as a spate of video releases of his stand up routines, is in a very different vein. In 1979 he took on the role of a dying gangster in the shocking Peter McDougall drama Just a Boy’s Game for the BBC. His performance was a remarkable study of stubborn, hollow disregard for life around him, and despite a few tell-tale signs of his comic skill in his perfectly timed insults, this was a brilliant transformation. Sadly his potential career as a straight actor was cut short by his death in the early eighties.”

You can find some CD’s of his comedy stand up routines on the Music In Scotland website.

As mentioned above he did a song for Hearts which I don’t have, but I do have a couple of versions including one done by a Hearts squad that includes a snippet Hector singing the original version in the middle of the song.

But before that one – a discovery of a folk version covered by Craig Herbertson »

» Craig Herbertson and Ed Westerdale – The Hearts Song

…and the one done by the squad »

» The Hearts Squad – The Hearts Song

I hope to find the other songs Hector wrote and post them here. If you have any of them please contact me.

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