Diego and Thierry

I was inspired to write this post because of a newly discovered World Cup fantasy league. This one though has a very different spin on what you usually see.

Now there are hundreds of fantasy football games out there, but many people can’t be arsed fiddling about with all that budgeting and team selection and transfers… too much time.. takes too much work…

» Which is why we have the WORLD CUP PREDICTION LEAGUE here on Football & Music.

(Still open for signups – gathering together some nice prizes as we speak)

There are some of you though who do like to pore over every minutia, every details on the players, their performances, their stats… Well this fantasy league isn’t for you.

This one is the sort of thing that appeals to those of you like your footie distractions. It’s for people that are not bovvered about the dull reality of the football grind and don’t take things too seriously.

This new league is one where (if they were still playing) you would select Rivaldo or Roberto Rojas for your squad. But where you CAN choose CRonaldo (or Rooney) – and especially Thierry Henry for your Fantasy Cheaters League team.

I’ve joined, and although there might actually be a little bit of research to find out which particular player likes to pull a shirt or con the ref, it doesn’t take that long to select your “favourite” snake in the grass. Plus you can change the selection any time up until the tournament starts, then after that there are transfer windows.

Again a reminder that the F&M WORLD CUP PREDICTION LEAGUE is open. Hurry along now.

To the music and some songs about the two subjects in the image at the top of the post…
If you need to be told who and what then you are in the wrong place. What are you doing here ?

– Starting with the event which was more recent… These about Monsieur Henry, who after this World Cup will be joining the Harlem Globetrotters New York Red Bulls to see out his career.

All three songs go with the take a familiar tune and add new lyrics to it, approach.

» The first being a rewritten take on the A-ha hit

» Next we have to the tune of The Killers –

» Lastly this is one based on a Christy Moore song:

Liam O'Sullivan - Main de la frog » Liam O’Sullivan – Main de la frog

Link to video

Earlier version

– Moving onto a collection about the current Argentina coach, who (if his own ego is to be believed) will be trying to walk on water after this tournament.

There are two songs which are really, really crap. Noted here for the records but can be instantly dismissed as a terrible waste of time.

» There’s one from The Business and one from Bad Manners.

– These next two are original compositions – The first one I found thanks to Andy Best, who is a Scouser currently living and working in Shanghai, China. It is from Shanghai-based group called Pinkberry.
Andy sez:

“The song opens up with the line “Maradona was a stoner” and goes on to mention stuff like the hand of god and the fact he wore number ten. In fact the chorus is ‘I am number one, but I wear number ten’ It even references his time at Napoli.”

Pinkberry » Pinkberry – Maradona

Saving the best until last…

This one from Cat Malojian who are [according to the tags on the page] experimental indie prog folk folk indie singer / songwriters in the United Kingdom.

Cat Malojian - Hand of God:

» The track can be downloaded via Bandcamp.

» Again another reminder: The F&M World Cup Prediction League IS OPEN for signups.

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