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Maradona in Scotia land

So the other week the Tartan Army (an organisation which follows the Scottish national team and helps the supporters) were behind the Scotia/Children In Need single – a re-recording of a football and music classic: “We Have A Dream”.

I voiced a concern about a remake, but unlike other cover versions they got the original songwriter and singer back in there – and it is for charidee (mate).

(Still haven’t heard the full version of the new version yet, just a snippet. Anybody who has let me know in the comments what you think of it.)

This isn’t the first time the Tartan Army was involved in a Scottish Children in Need charity song, they were behind last years (2007) effort too.

That time they got some other musical Scotia legends to do a song and again like the current one, got them to redo a classic – in every sense of the word.

Runrig are a Scotia folk/rock group who have been around since the 70’s and they sing an anthemic version of “The Bonnie Banks o’ Loch Lomond”, usually wrapping their concerts with it.

For the We Have A Dream single the Tartan Army went to Hampden when Scotland were playing a qualifier and got the crowd to sing the chorus, there is an extra track on the CD Single and available via ITunes called the Hampden Roar version.

Last year they did exactly the same thing – went to Hampden during an international match and again recorded the fans singing.

And again like this year the song was given it’s debut in the 2007 Scottish segment of Children in Need: It was sung live by Runrig and the audience as seen on the video here.

Runrig Children In Need Single » Runrig feat Tartan Army – Loch Lomond (Hampden Remix)

BONUS: An audio rip of the 2007 Children In Need performance:
» Loch Lomond (Live – Children In Need

This actually hasn’t been used by the Scotland squad yet as a song, which I’m surprised about. I’m sure that it will be, or it should be rolled out by them at some point in the future.

Because it is a charity single and may still be available to purchase I am streaming the song(s) only. I know there are ways around to grab the audio but I am making it difficult. Go and buy the current Children In Need song first and I might make these - and the original We Have A Dream song available later on.

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