The idea is…

This idea came to me as I was getting sunburnt on holiday.

Yes that’s right whilst everybody else was enjoying the weather I was deep in thought about football and music. I never stop.

Yes you are also correct, I am a bit of a sad bastard.

It is partly influenced by Half Man Half Biscuit, who are the patron saints of footie & music.

As I was lying there on the beach listening to the ipod, The Referee’s Alphabet came on and the thought immediately occurred…

The idea is that you choose a letter of the alphabet. Selected a footballer with that letter. Then as Nigel Blackwell did with the Referee’s Alphabet you add a line about that player. Finally you add an accompanying song. It would be good if the tune was about that particular subject, but it’s not important. An appropriate song that would go with the person and/or situation would be good too. It doesn’t matter if it’s a current player or one from the past.
Additionally – the line doesn’t have to rhyme. That one did but yours doesn’t.

For example… Picking something topical here – The news that Mikel Arteta could get an England call-up, (because his UK residency qualifies him) but a certain pundit doesn’t like it.

So it’s A is for Arteta: The Spanish Arteta, playing for the England team ? “Not if I have owt to say about it”, burred the Lancashire born/Republic of Ireland international Lawro.

Then a song: Black Lace – Speaka Da Lingo

Ok that’s a terrible, terrible example, but you get the idea now.

What I’ve done is set up a dedicated page (which I’ll add a permanent link in the above toolbar) and will update it every time I have a new submission, so keep an eye on it:

If you want you can reserve a letter now by posting a commment, or by contacting me here.

I’ll try again with a better one than above.

B is for Georgie Best:   He loved his football but loved his women more.

» Lucy – Georgie

A bit of an improvement on the other. But can you do better ?

As mentioned the whole alphabet is up for grabs at the moment, so if you have an idea for a letter/player/line/song then mail me here. All submissions welcome.
(I don’t publish my email address on the website because of spammers, but if you don’t like forms and prefer an addy then it’s manager [at] this domain name.)

I’ll be contacting various people and challenging them to think of a letter. These will be posted on the dedicated Footballers’ Alphabet page.

That is all for now. I’ll post updates when I have a few in. Please help with this project. I think it’s an interesting and challenging one, I hope that you feel the same.

Finally I’ll sign off with, because I gave them a mention and because I can’t resist…

Some random HMHB selections:

8 bloody nil » Half Man Half Biscuit – 1966 And All That

» HMHB – Dead Men Don’t Need Season Tickets (Peel Session)

» HMHB – Mars Ultras (You’ll Never Make The Station) – Peel

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