I was going to post something else, but like many of you I am busy for the next few days so here earlier than planned are some (very) randomly selected tunes which may or may not have anything to do with footie&music.

Last year’s selection included Pete Green, The Sultans of Ping FC and Saint Etienne, which had some links to f&m even if it was just with their name. This next lot and their connection is even more tenuous but I don’t care.

Some actual Crimbo tunes first with a couple of (un)usual suspects.

Starting with The Fall, previously featured here when I commemorated John Peel Day, because the Beeb didn’t. – For your delectation we have Mr Mark E. Smith and co. with a short and sweet seasonal tune.

» The Fall – Jingle Bell Rock

Another previously featured artist who got a mention in relation to Bristol Rovers, this is from 1944 and is an excellent tune:

» Leadbelly – On a Christmas Day

This next one I don’t know why … again these are random selections but I can’t remember the reason – apart from it being a decent tune – for it’s inclusion here.
Oh now I remember. It was included on that disappointing Match Of The Day album. Some disappointing selections there. Did they get Lineker to choose the tracks ?

» MGMT – Time To Pretend

We are nearly at the end of this year, which had a non-footballing summer and now it’s only six months until the world will be watching events from South Africa.
A few weeks ago I posted a related article and the follow was one of the featured artists. This is another well known track from him:

» Johnny Clegg & Savuka – Cruel, Crazy, Beautiful World

Sadly and probably for the very last time here…. The very epitomy of football and music. Chaz N’ Dave:

» Chas N’ Dave – I Wish I Could Write A Love Song

» Chas N’ Dave – That’s What I Like

So to those who celebrate… all the best for the season.

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  1. January 2010 issue of When Saturday Comes declares Football and Music one of the best football sites on the Web!
    “We all know football and music don’t mix, but at least they don’t mix in a grimly fascinating way.”
    Well done!

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