The F&M Euro 2008 Theme

Spotted this article on the Beeb about the music that ITV will use for their Euro 2008 coverage:

Soprano to sing Euro 2008 anthem
Natasha Marsh
Welsh opera singer Natasha Marsh will sing the theme tune for ITV’s coverage of the Euro 2008 football tournament.

The 27-year-old soprano has recorded the Queen Of The Night aria from Mozart’s opera The Magic Flute.

“I was delighted to do it,” she said. “I love the passion, beauty and power that football and music share.”

… The aria is said to be one of the most demanding in opera because it requires sopranos to hit a high F6 note.

» Full article

If you’ve watched the movie Amadeus then you would have seen a snippet of that aria. Here is Mandy Watsham in a Bel Canto Opera production belting it out. Ahh now you remember.

No word from Auntie on what will accompany Linekar and his cronies… (I assume that it will be the stiff suited trio of Gary and the two Alan’s ?) when they do their coverage.

So this got me pondering …. If Football and Music had a theme – What would it be ? What would it sound like ?

And as if by magic I got an email not long after this with the answer.

Jennifer contacted me to tell me about her boyfriend Mario Alaimo who used to live in Bolton but in now in the Costa del Sol (not a bad place to live at all !) and he has a passion for football and music – and for cutting people’s hair.

In her mail Jennie told me that Mario composed a tune for Euro 2008. He submitted this to the powers that be too see if they would use it for the Championship Finals but unfortunately they had already decided on another piece. More about this in a later post.

The music has audio clips of the 16 qualifying teams with Opera from Mozart and it is a very upbeat tune.

– Also here’s a bio about Mario:

“Mario Alaimo has been composing music with his own lyrics for 30 years, as this has always been his love, he played football for his Primary school Lever Edge Lane, Hayward Secondary Modern in his early years. Upon leaving school he played Sunday League for Park United and Lostock Arms in Bolton and worked Full time as a Barber. Now with his own business on the Costa del Sol, “Mario´s International Barbers” and still burning the midnight oil in his studio composing..

In 1986 at the age of 27 he was part of a band in Bolton “Luce To Cruze” with an EP released in 1986 “Across the Air”. “

So I present to you the song that Football and Music has adopted for its Euro 2008 coverage:

Rock me Amadeus

» Mario Alaimo – Mozart Loves Football

Thank you Jennie for sending us the song. She tells me that there is a website currently under construction and a video in the works so we’ll update this when these happen.

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