The Downward Spiral

In the Championship (old 2nd Division) they’ve managed to fix it so that it all comes down to the last game of the season to decide things.

I’m not complaining, this is a rare thing and makes for exciting viewing.

Apart from the title decider and play-off places, the fiercer competition to avoid a certain position is actually at the other end of the table where a couple of former “big” clubs are circling the drain.
Over the abyss with you
Vying to avoid the one remaining relegation position are Blackpool, Coventry, Sheffield Wednesday, Leicester and Southampton.

Things looking even more doomed for fans of both these teams next season with (rumoured) news that if Leicester drop they will replace manager Ian Holloway with Iain Dowie.

Stop laughing there Saints fans.
Recently their previous chairman Rupert Lowe has gained power back at the club and if they survive this current financial crisis… and relegation would make them immediately call in the receivers… but if they do somehow scrape out of it there’s a whisper going around that Lowe would bring the nightmare that is the Hoddle out of the wilderness…

Dark times indeed.

So for these reasons and more, not just because of the above dire consequences if one of these two do go, this coming Sunday will be edge of the seat stuff.

As it stands Southampton are at home but are facing a Sheffield United side that’s been on a run (won their last 4) and a win would put them into a playoff spot. Meanwhile Leicester go away to play Stoke City who are level on points with West Brom for the Championship title.

Musically looking at the situation with these two and I have to say after listening to the following “efforts” that they both deserve to go down.

I usually try not to form or post my opinion about the songs, I leave that up to you, but in this case I have to speak out.

The performers on these songs chose to hide their identities and used a pseudonym and I can understand why.

In the first one done by “The Valley Slags” and is an ode to Matt Le Tissier… BUT – when you hear the first line you will wonder if they are actually singing about one in the same person:

Le Tiss the Saint » The Valley Slags – Legend Of The Saint

“Tall and gangly…”   Really…?

Next is a really dreadful effort about Leicester City. It’s a short song which barely makes it to the 1 minute 40 mark:

Leicester City » Phil Bert and the Foxes – This Is The Season For Us

If the relegation issue was to be decided on these tracks I would say that Leicester are fcuked.

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  1. Pez (The Valley Slags) says:

    Thanks for promoting our Le Tiss Song. You cant beat bad publicity shame I,m not getting a penny for it.


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