Despite us taking the p1ss, we here at F&M actually like them and were devastated to read the news today (oh boy) about the ending of their partnership:

Mr Charles and Mr David

Dave (the one with the beard) has announced his retirement from the music biz following the death of his wife Sue from lung cancer in July. Chas (the one with the beard) will honour touring commitments and will be performing under the new name: Chas And His Band.

All the best to you Dave, to you Chas as well. If it wasn’t for you what would have Spurs done.

Come to think of it… what will they do now…? Are there any other well known well known Tottenham-supporting musical acts out there… ? I hope that they don’t get desperate and then resort to *whispers it*… Chris & Glenn..

But they will have to get to some sort of final first before they reach that dilemma.

Until then let us reminisce over their football and musical output which included:

» Ossie’s Dream, Glory Glory…. and When The Year Ends in 1.
[Rabbit and Gertcha are in there too]

…and let’s gloss over the Crimbo one

Lastly my favourite all time Rockney tune:

Chas ‘n’ Dave – Ain’t No Pleasin’ You
» Hypem

I stand up to applaud you gents. Thank you for the music.

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