Blue moon in Manchester

I may have mentioned in passing, but usually keep quiet because I like to keep some neutrality on F&M.

But today I am breaking that rule and celebrating Manchester City’s FA Cup win.

I am a long, long suffering City fan. I’ve been there at Maine Road, I’ve stood in the Kippax.

I was also there away at places such as Colchester, Wycombe and Chesterfield.

Then in the summer of 1999 they began their journey back…

Blue Moon Rising

I don’t remember the League Cup win in 1976, but I do remember the 1981 FA Cup final (but not the replay for some reason…) I have to admit though that Chas n’ Dave played a blinder with that one.

– I have created, or more accurately hacked together a special version of the song played at Man City all the time. There are hundreds of covers but I chose the most well know and added some match commentary:

Man City with the FA Cup
» Sha Na Na – Blue Moon (Man City FA Cup Mix)

Additionally: It is very sad that the Timperley’s finest wasn’t around for this final… I think everybody would have loved seeing him singing Abide With Me before the kick off…. Below is the Man City Medley recorded by Frank (with Little Frank on backing vocals) around the time that Frank Clarke was the manager.

Ah Frank Clarke eh ? We can laugh about it now…

Take it away Frank:
» Frank Sidebottom – Manchester City Medley

Fantastic !
Fantastic !

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