The Chelsea Spears Connection

The worlds of football and music collide via recent news events. Who knew there was a symbiotic connection between Stamford Bridge and the Sunset Strip.

The Chelsea Headhunters

I submit into evidence m’lud…

September 10th 2007: Britney’s MTV VMA’s embarrasing performance

September 18th 2007: Chelski’s embarrassing performance at home to Rosenborg

September 17th 2007: Britney dumped by her management

September 20th 2007: Mourinho leaves “by mutual consent”

September 11th 2007: A crazed fan comes to Brit’s defence via YouTube

September 20th 2007: Sven defends Chelski’s new boss Avram Grant

September 20th 2007: Britney charged with a hit and run

September 23rd 2007: Chelski lost 2-nil

Edit & Update: A couple of articles posted on the Guardian’s site about the recent goings on behind the scenes at Chelsea. Worth taking some time to read:,,2175177,00.html,,2175101,00.html

Follow-up audio from James Richardson who talks to the articles author in their latest Football Weekly Podcast:

One Reply to “The Chelsea Spears Connection”

  1. DaveC says:

    Shame Lebouef doesn’t play for Chelsea anymore, you could have had a connection with bald fannies.


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