..and so it was Hull City AFC who ‘won’ this struggle for survival by err…losing… and we will get to see that magnificent beard (copying Rafa’s look there ?) for another season*

Look at me ! Look at me !

* or will we…

The perma-tanned Phil Brown celebrated this victory (of sorts) by serenading the Hull City faithful.

I for one hope that he is still in charge come August. We don’t have José in the Prem anymore and we need these… how should I say… colourful characters to entertain us.

I do think though that unless Hull have a massive rethink and maybe player overhaul, they will be guaranteed that bottom place next year.

– As for the music I found the following after I posted their Status Quo Tribute band collaboration, but thanks to every other bottom 5 team also losing I’ve been given this new opportunity.

This band first recorded a song about Hull when they were on their bounce back up the leagues after nearly going out of existence.

In 1984 – only two years after being at the basement in Division 4 and put into receivership. Hull City AFC were promoted in succession to the (old) 2nd Division.   [Full yo yo-ing history here].

After this bit of success the duo of Amber & Black celebrated with a song:

Amber and Black » Amber & Black – The Tigers Are Back

… They then waited 25 years to do a follow-up song when Hull reached the Premiership:

Amber & Black – The City’s On Fire:
    – Lyrics
(For copyright reasons, stream only of this one.)

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  1. I’ll never forget the sight of Phil Brown holding his half-time team talk on the pitch against Man City (I watched it on TV). He wasn’t singing a song, then, was he? Difficult to remember that Hull were sixth on Christmas Day.

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