NO you can’t make me. I’m not going to do it.
Threaten me all you want I will not… Where did you get those photographs from…?

WELL HEY HELLO THERE ! Let’s celebrate the season with some festive related music !

– With this coming to you via the North Eastern club…no the other one… no, the other other one…

Santa Steve ?

Have they gone ? Good. But I’m still going to post this because everybody needs once again to be warned that even though footie and music is something that should not be – there is another ampersand that latches itself onto these two that is an abomination and should always be shot on site if ever spotted in the wild.

I’m of course talking about football and CHRISTMAS music.

I managed to suppress him after last year’s output, but for this and the next one… Yes I’m sorry to tell you that the pain will continue … I think that the Hulk will be…

You will feel the same because it is. That. Bad.

You’ve been warned now please warn those around you before we continue.

– There’s a curious thing with this bit of music I found. This song has been vandalised.
Somebody has gone in and not only defaced the original but has also downright ruined the entire thing.
If we can find the original culprit charges should be brought.

Now you are asking why should I care so much about something that shouldn’t exist. It is not because they have at first, taken a traditional Xmas tune and added their own lyrics. It’s because some “person” came along later on and well… I can only describe it as something that they’ve taken outside, set fire and then urinated all over it.

The victorious Sunderland team - click to view largerThe lyrics are about the 12 players of the 1973 FA Cup winning Sunderland team, a team who beat Don Revie’s all conquering Leeds United and was an even bigger upset because the Mackems were a Second Division side at the time.   I bet [Dave Peace's] Cloughy was pissing himself after this result.

So there was no FA Cup song…was there…? I’m sure somebody will pop along to steer me right on that, but there was a Christmas tune done about the ’73 Wembley heroes:

1 Jimmy Montgomery,2 Dick Malone,3 Ron Guthrie,4 Micky Horswill,5 David Watson,6 Richie Pitt,7 Bobby Kerr,8 Billy Hughes,9 Vic Halom,10 Ian Porterfield, 11 Dennis Tueart and the Substitute: 12 David Young.

Ah for the days when they were numbered 1 to 11…

Hold yourself back as you listen to what must be a hacked version, they can’t have released it like this:

» Red & White Santas – The 12 Days of Sunderland

I can’t believe I did this…but I actually wasted 15 minutes of my life editing the above song to take out those offending inserted bits and here’s something that is close to what I think it originally sounded like:

» Red & White Santas – 12 Days of Sunderland (Edit)

I know I know. The same awful, awful song posted twice. I really have it in for you.

You need to lower your blood pressure. Have a listen to some other muppets doing the song:

John Denver and the Muppets » John Denver & The Muppets – The 12 Days Of Christmas

» There’s also a video version with a slightly different line up singing the lines.

The balance has been restored.

4 Replies to “The 12 Days Of Sunderland”

  1. Has anyone got Sunderland will be in the first division song that they can put on this site, I used to have the record but lost it in transit to Australia would love to hear it again.

  2. I have the original CD this came on and what you posted up is sadly not a hacked version. That’s how they released it. There’s a few shockers on that CD!

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