Portrait Of The Young Man.

Over in North America they have a pub-standard league known as the MLS, which until the arrival of a certain individual was ignored pretty much everywhere. Now this league differs in the way that some players are signed for the teams. It is based on one used in another league – the NFL – and this is a draft system. To shorthand it into one sentence: How this works is that new players are recruited from college soccer teams. So if you wanted to play in the MLS the route in first would be for you to get yourself into…

Willie The Wingman

Previously I posted items about lesser known footballers, such as Fulham’s Les Barrett and Plymouth’s Barrie Vassallo. Today it is the turn of Scotia born Willie Morgan who in the 70’s turned out for Burnley, then Man U before going back to Burnley. Sporting Heroes.net has a one paragraph summary about him, but the Clarets Mad website has a detailed history of Morgan’s time at Burnley and other places: (Willie) had two spells with the club and managed to fall out with chairman Bob Lord during both of them, no mean achievement, and went on to play league football until…

[Video] They Who Dare

The Summer Of Pod

Well done to Owen Coyle and everybody at Burnley F.C. After all their exploits they have to be the team of the season. – This song was written by 9 year old Jasmine Clarkson and her guitar teacher Andrew Gilmour. Jasmine wanted to write the song in memory of her late grandfather, who was a life long Burnley fan. The video was produced by Bryan Fieldhouse @ The Reverb Factory Ltd » Link to video » View the full story about the song.