“Martin To Ossie And Bang”

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Those are some lyrics to a song about the England team from 1970, do they ring a bell ? Chris needs your help. He’s got a song stuck in his head and it’s driving him mad. He’s emailed me and I’ve drawn a blank. He’s been on every forum to ask and no joy. Here’s a post from him on the WSC message boards: “In 1970 when Back Home was the official England World Cup Song there was another song that got little airtime but sounded like the squad (although it could have been anyone) and the words included members…

Midfield General


A while ago I did a mini-series about various producers/remixers. This is an addition to that series plus it’s also another look at a subject I’ve previously covered.

The producer is Damian Harris aka Midfield General – and the subject is…

No Diving

Some desktop wallpaper for you: 1024×768 1280×960 Yes I know I missed the bus. I’m not the fastest at posting. A song to go with it… How about Arc Of A Diver…? Nah too obvious. Something more subtle… Ah ! Got it: » Paul McCartney – This One UPDATE Just stumbled across this: www.justiceforeduardo.com Related Post Danny Last’s Football and Music The FA Cup Final Promo Video “Martin To Ossie And Bang”

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F&M Needs Your Help. Have you seen or do you know of a band that have the same name as a footie team ? I’ve collected below some examples of bands that have football team names…actually I’ll clarify that: Some of the these bands named themselves after a fitba club and some named themselves after a town or city. But when you read these names, because you are like me you think football. For example when you see the word Celtic you think of Celtic and not Celtic. See what I mean ? So I put the question again: Spotted…