Taking the 2nd wander off the usual beaten F&M path [first one here] with a look not just any producer, but an über producer who was (sometimes partly) responsible for so much musical output.

That man is Sherwood:

Adrian Sherwood

No not that Blackburn Rovers midfielder, this is Adrian Sherwood who like Weatherall the other day you’ll remember seeing his name quite a few times in the ’90’s.

As well as remixing the likes of Coldcut, Depeche Mode, The Woodentops, Primal Scream, Pop Will Eat Itself, etc..etc… he founded the record label: On-U Sound.
Ah now it’s ringing bells.

Sherwood and that record label were responsible for many, many artists. Gary Clail probably being the most familiar. One of his most well known was Human Nature.
Ringing even more bells now.

But this On-U Sound/football soundclash comes courtesy of another act who Gary Clail was also involved with at one time. Their name you will also remember: Tackhead.
Or to give them their correct title: Tackhead

A quick bio:

Tackhead“Tackhead (sometimes known as The Maffia or Fats Comet) are an industrial hip-hop group that were most active during the 1980s and early 1990s. Their music occupies the territory where funk, dub, industrial music and electronica intersect. The core members are Doug Wimbish (bass), Keith Leblanc (percussion) and Skip McDonald (guitar) and producer (sometimes credited as “mixologist”) Adrian Sherwood.”

That info is via Wikipedia, a more in depth look is here.

Tackhead (thanks to Sherwood) were one of the experimenters with sampling and on one of their singles they not only sampled the Kop, they got a now legendary commentator to do some guest vocals:

Tackhead - The Game pic disc » Tackhead featuring Brian Moore – The Game (You’ll Never Walk Alone)
» Tackhead – The Game [Instrumental Chants]
» Tackhead – The Game [Full Time Instrumental]

That’s right they didn’t just sample him, they got Brian Moore into the studio and recorded him.
– There are still two other mixes out there, so if you ever see:
The Game (Political dub)
The Game (Featuring Ronnie and Margaret)
Anywhere give me a shout.

*Early unreleased versions of the track are thought to feature un-vetted samples of Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan which were subsequently replaced by vocals from impressionists Chris Barrie and Kate Robbins before release. » More info

EXTRA TIME – Some other Tackhead tunes:

» Tackhead – Dangerous Sex
» Tackhead – Ticking Time Bomb
» Tackhead – What’s My Mission Now ?

I’ve got another Sherwood/On-U Sound related item to do, but I’ll leave that one for the end of this little trip. Before that and coming up next – more sampling via another producer.

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  1. Don’t forget the classic ON-U Sound album by The Barmy Army – The English Disease.

    The Barmy Army was Sherwood and other ON-U artists and all songs are football related. Classic tunes on there including several odes to Sherwood’s beloved West Ham!

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