What A Ding Dong Doo

With many thanks to Matt for emailing me with this next one:

It’s from a Bolton based artist known as Johnny Boy. I did a quick search and found this MySpace page which I think is one and the same. It certainly sounds like it (listening to the song that Matt sent me) and he sounds good. If you like the Northern Soul then go and have a look.

The track that Johnny Boy did was for Bolton Wanderers and featured some commentary from a local legend, who is sadly no longer with us.

Dave Higson

I’ll let Matt himself tell the story »

“This song was recorded just after Bolton beat Man Utd at Old Trafford in 2001, not sure the reasons for the recording of this track, pretty sure it was never played at the Reebok and only a couple of cd’s released, luckily I’m a close friend of the artist and managed to get hold of one of the cd’s.

It’s extra special as it features Dave Higson who’s since passed away but is a Bolton Legend with his Video Camera Commentary of Bolton Wanderers Games. He was also a favourite on Skinner and Baddiel’s Fantasy Football TV Show”

Here’s the legendary Dave Higson in action on the aforementioned TV show:

I love YouTube. If it wasn’t for that site things that this would be lost in time and space. Like..
Hey where have I heard that before ?

More articles about Dave can be found via the This is Bolton site and at The Bolton News.

Time now to listen to Man Utd v Bolton with music and lyrics by Johnny Boy featuring commentary by Dave Higson:

» Johnny Boy feat Dave Higson – Super White Dreams:

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