A few weeks back I posted what is probably the worst example ever of football and music. It was a song that broke the third covenant – football and Xmas music – and this track also added insult to injury when some unknown hacked and inserted bits into the song.

I understand the intention by the person who first created that “song” to laud their team. But their effort is a stain on the memory and this entry is to offset that wrong. It is also to expand on what I mentioned in passing in the previous post, when Sunderland played in the FA Cup Final – and won it.

Sunderland raise the FA Cup

So what ? You are saying, plenty of other teams have done it. What’s so special about this one ?

Well a few weeks ago we had a “cupset” when the (now in the old 3rd Division) Leeds United beat the (what was the old 1st Division) Man Utd team, which was “a” cupset, but it still isn’t THE cupset. That happened in 1973 and it was Leeds themselves who were on the receiving end.

Thanks to the book (and subsequent movie) everyone is once again familiar with the early ’70’s Leeds United. Aren’t you…? If not go away, do a bit of research/reading/watching and then come back.

When Don Revie’s team reached the 1973 FA Cup final, the expectation was that the current cup holders would win it once again. But nobody told that to their Second Division opposition…

I’ll quote from Wikipedia with a summary of the game:

“Sunderland established their tactics immediately from the kick off, tackling fiercely and defiantly with an unremitting determination. Leeds looked anxious, lacking their usual composure. The match itself was decided by two crucial moments that would be talked about for years to come.
Ian Porterfield
After 31 minutes Sunderland took the lead when Vic Halom chested down a corner from Billy Hughes. Assisted by Dave Watson between two defenders, the deflected high ball was controlled by Ian Porterfield who shot home from 12 yards. Leeds, shocked, battled back with predictable determination. Sunderland’s goalkeeper Jimmy Montgomery was outstanding, defying Leeds with a string of fine saves and preserving his team’s lead.

The turning point of the match came mid-way through the second half. Montgomery dived to palm away a close range header from Trevor Cherry. It fell into the path of Lorimer who blasted goalward from 10 yards but Montgomery managed to divert the ball on to the underside of the bar and Malone scrambled the ball clear. The save has been compared with that made by Gordon Banks in the 1970 FIFA World Cup match against Brazil.”

As mentioned it was the late Ian Porterfield who grabbed the single, crucial goal. Below is a musical tribute to Porterfield and the 1973 victory:

Sunderland had an official FA Cup Final song – the Sunderland-born comedian, Bobby Knoxall (who sadly passed away in July last year) recorded the single: “Sunderland All The Way”

Sadly I don’t have that one… If you do then But I do have another song – a good song, in fact after that Chrimbo debacle an excellent song, in which the singer laments about not being able to go and watch that final in person:

Jimmy Montgomery celebrates with Bob Stokoe » Northeast – I Ticket For The Game

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