No this is not a taunt.

Fortuitous timing with this request from Joan to hear an old Black Cats song again. Plus it gives me a chance to show some sympathy to Sunderland after they got gubbed by Chelski last Saturday…

Sunderland versus Chelsea in 1913
Pictured above: Sunderland in a previous meeting with Chelsea. Found via.

Long suffering Mackems will not need that link to remind them, plus in the future they will deny all knowledge of that match ever being played. I know what I’m talking about, there’s a Saturday from May 2008 which is wiped from my memory. Damn, not any more. This will be a Sunderland post double because an end of season dinner dance isn’t being organised just yet. Still in the FA Cup there.

Back to this one though and a tune which was sung in celebration of Sunderland returning once again to the toppermost of the poppermost when in 1979 when they err…finished 2nd in the 2nd Division. But it was only a brief dip for one season before they were back up hanging with the big boys.

After listening to this one it sounds like a standard boilerplate tune. They do mention some other teams, such as Leeds, Southampton and Notts Forest, but because they avoid mentioning any players names it could easily be reissued every time they gained promotion.

Roker Park - click to view a very large version » Fine Art – Sunderland Are Back In The First Division

Additional: Did a quick bit of research and Dorian says reports that the artist is different that what I have. He also says that there’s a belting B-side. If anyone has this then drop me a line.

– Coming up next: Association Challenge Cup song.

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