The Summer of Pod

The Summer Of Pod

Was going to call it the Hand of Pod but somebody’s already using that.

Like many of you I want to take it easy for the next month or two.

It’s sunny… and you are thinking about the trouble that xx team are having with their left back position right now.

OK maybe you are but I’m not.

There are still some matches to be found if you are having withdrawal symptoms. Football never sleeps.

– At this very moment there is the Gold Cup, competed by Central/North American teams.
It has been very entertaining so far with Mexico scoring 10 goals without reply in their first two matches. Oh and they’ve also had five players suspended after failing a drug test.

– Starting on June 11th it’s the European Under 21 Championship, being staged in Denmark this year. An opportunity to see what Man U & Liverpool have splashed so much cash on this week.

– Lastly there’s the South American nations competing in the Copa América from 1st to 24th July in Argentina.

So there’s some watching if you want – or if you are going to the beach I have some listening… finally he gets to the point… with the new series of the Summer of Pod.

I will, at least attempt, to post a new FootieAndMusic podcast each week.
These pods will be around 30 minutes long and will take various themes.
If you have an idea/suggestion for a future theme drop me a line. I’m all ears.

This is not rock n’ roll football, not just a bunch of pop/rock/etc songs usually associated with the game. But there will be the occasional non-footie track thrown in if I can find a tenuous link. The aim is to find the “best” football songs I have in my vast collection and create a podcast. The majority of decent songs do come from bands who sing about they country/team or player, but sometimes I will offend your ears with actual footballers attempting to sing. You have been warned.

» To… dare I use a cliché…… kick off this series (ah I feel dirty now) the theme of this podcast is PUNK ?

As you can see with the question mark there because what is punk ? (By the was does anyone remember Football Punk magazine ? Didn’t last long that one.) Are the songs on this pod really punk ? Well the answer to that is a big NO actually. They are in that area, I’m just being loose with the rules. And that’s punk isn’t it ?


  1. Sultans Of Ping – Back In A Tracksuit
  2. The Delilahs – One Nil At Home
  3. Amanda Palmer – Leeds United
  4. The Undertones – When Saturday Comes
  5. Linus.Maybe – Not Another Football Song
  6. [Audio] Jane Asher football pitch cake
  7. Half Man Half Biscuit – 1966 And All That
  8. Rawbau feat. Slavan Billic – Vatreno Ludilo
  9. Die Toten Hosen – Weltmeister (Unplugged)
  10. Ian Dury & The Blockheads – Mash It Up Harry (Live Version)

Notes: As I said, loose with the rules… HMHB is a given…. The Ian Dury & Blockheads track is especially special.

» D/load.   [pod is 33mins long/file size is 30mb]

Those of you who football our exploits here at F&M will know that there are other pods already done.
Here’s the list of all the podcasts, including the ones I created for other sites and in my other project:

On F&M:


Additionally there is #keepingitpeel which began as a yearly project (On October 25th) to commemorate John Peel – the podcasts came about to fill in the time and keep/raise awareness of the event.

List of #keepingitpeel pods:

There. If that doesn’t keep you busy for the next few months I don’t know what will.
Also coming up (eventually) on #keepingitpeel by the way, is a John Peel/football special. Keep an eye for that.
– But there’ll be another FootieAndMusic podcast here before then.

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