Yesterday it was a song sung about him. Today it is songs sung by him.

Sir Bobby Moore

Before the World Cup holders went to Mexico they were ushered into the studio to record an album which involved the players covering some popular tunes of the day.

The 1970 England Football Squad – “The World Beaters Sing The World Beaters“. If you ever see that album on ebay buy it. It’s available on that link to there right now, they have 1 copy at £40.00. The cover was a cut out round football shaped sleeve with full colour photographs from the 1966 squad and on the front cover autographs from the 1970 team. A rare and very collectable item.

It was repackaged and re-released on CD a few years back as: Sing ! – Jeff Astle & The 1970 England World Cup Squad”

So from that album a cover version of the 1969 number 1 hit Sugar Sugar by the Archies, done by Bobby with Francis Lee getting in there on the last verse:

» Bobby Moore and Friends – Sugar Sugar

And the best England song, by the 1970 England team which has never been bettered:

» England Squad – Oh Sweet England

“C’mon England !”

2 Replies to “Bobby Gives It Some Sugar”

  1. Do you know the player who sing “Ob la di, Ob la da”, “Pupet on a string” and “Congratulations”…?

  2. “Ob la di…” was done by Bobby Moore with Norman Hunter, Terry Cooper, Tommy Wright and Martin Peters.

    “Puppet on a string” – this version on the album was an instrumental.
    No singers, just various players making noises in the background.

    “Congratulations” – I have no idea. Don’t have that info here.

    I’ll be posting these and others here eventually. Stay tuned.

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