There’s nothing more for me to add, or to say about the longest and biggest farce currently unfolding…

Newcastle fans...?

The telling of this sad tale started from the very beginning of the season and a couple of weeks ago they added another farcical chapter with the appointment of the armchair pundit who has no qualifications to rescue them from their plight.

It could have been worse though, Mike Ashley could have gone for another Barcode legend who actually had more team coaching experience

PJ Gascoigne, ESQ » Gazza & Lindisfarne – Fog On The Tyne Revisited (12″ version)

» Music video

» Don’t forget the Lyrics in which the first two lines of the first verse goes: "Sitting in a sleazy snack bar /Sucking sickly sausage rolls..."

* The young Mr PJ Gascoigne seen above just before his Chartered Accountancy interview.

» Previous Gazza coverage.

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