I’ve always looked for an excuse to post something about famous Shrews supporter Derek Smalls…

Derek Smalls has a dodgy time going through the metal detector

…and now I have a (very poor) one with this post over on BoingBoing:

Spinal Tap finally record “Saucy Jack”

Brendan sez, “I saw the ‘Unwigged and Unplugged’ show starring Spinal Tap members Michael McKean, Harry Shearer, and Christopher Guest on Saturday in Chicago…

… they also sang ‘Saucy Jack,’ which you will remember David and Derek discuss at the end of the film _This is Spinal Tap_ [ed: It’s the title track from their unproduced rock-opera about Jack the Ripper]. They announced that you could download the (free) track from the Spinal Tap website.

… or below:

» Spinal Tap – Saucy Jack

On his Wikipedia entry it says that Smalls is a Hammers as well as a Shrewsbury fan. I haven’t seen any evidence of the West Ham one, but of the Town one – as seen above – spotted some recent talk about that on WSC and their Weekly Howl :

“…This shirt, or one of similar design from the next two seasons, is the one worn by bassist Derek Smalls in the scene in Spinal Tap when he is stopped at airport customs while wearing a foil-wrapped cucumber as a codpiece. Derek’s connection to Shrewsbury has never been explained but another 1970s musician, Ian Hunter of Mott the Hoople, describes in his memoir Diary of A Rockstar how he often tried in vain to find out Shrewsbury’s scores while on tour in the US….”

– And there’s a follow-up:

from Jon Matthias
“About Derek Smalls wearing Shrewsbury Town colours in last week’s Howl – apparently the actor who plays Derek was in a sporting goods store in London looking for a costume and spotted the Town shirt. He liked it because of the stripes and because they were an obscure club, which kind of fitted into his character. This has been covered a few times in Shrewsbury fanzines, although no one has been able to pinpoint which store it was or why the hell they had a Town shirt in there…”

Soccer Scene maybe…? or probably Lillywhites ? Ah nevermind…

one more:

» Spinal Tap – Big Bottom

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