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» The noted and much respected journalist Hugh McIlvanney recalls Mexico ’70 with fond memories:

Hugh McIlvanney » Brazil 1970 and Pele remembered with affection by Hugh McIlvanney

Tenuously related…

There were two bands out in the 90’s who were influenced by the above World Cup because of what they called themselves – which if the world wide web was around at the time probably wouldn’t have because both are impossible to search for.

The first one were named: Mexico 70.

Via Cherry Red: “Songwriter and lead vocalist Mick Bund gained valuable experience with Felt and working on Boy’s Own Records projects Airstream and the Bocca Juniors, but he gives full rein to his talents through Mexico 70.”

– This track comes from their 1996 release Imperial Comet Hour and chosen for the obvious reasons:

mexico70_imperialcomethour » Mexico 70 – Best and Hurst

They are still going…well the lead singer is still going under the Mexico 70 moniker and can be found here and also at MySpace.

This next lot from Liverpool named themselves after Edison Arantes do Nascimento:

From their website:Pele were formed on Merseyside in 1990 by guitarist and frontman Ian Prowse and keyboard player Andrew Roberts. They were joined by Dally on drums, James McCallister on bass guitar and finally Nico on violin. After gigging around Liverpool and Chester the band were signed to brand new label M&G Records after the head of A&R heard a rough demo of Megalomania. Within weeks the band set about recording their debut LP, Fireworks, at Metropolis studios in London with producer Gary Langan.”

– This track comes from the above Fireworks album, which was released as a single.

pele_raid_the_palace » Pele – Raid The Palace

After the band split up the lead singer Ian Prowse went on to form (another impossible one to google) Amsterdam. I’ve previously featured them here on F&M when Ian go on the John Peel train.

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