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Have you seen or do you know of a band that have the same name as a footie team ?

I’ve collected below some examples of bands that have football team names…actually I’ll clarify that: Some of the these bands named themselves after a fitba club and some named themselves after a town or city. But when you read these names, because you are like me you think football.
For example when you see the word Celtic you think of Celtic and not Celtic. See what I mean ?

So I put the question again: Spotted a band that has a team name ? Is there a musical act out there called Accrington Stanley ? Mansfield ? Cardiff ?
Is there an AC Milan ? – or – Is there a rave act out there called The Gooners ? A metal band called the Lilywhites…? If you of anything like then then please drop me a line.

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Whilst you think about that here are some bands – with a couple that I’ve previously mentioned – that have football team names:


…who actually hail from Aberdeen, Florida.


Until I stumbled across this I never knew there was an Aberdeen in Florida either.

When I originally posted this I used them to bring up the subject of Aberdeen FC (obviously) and the financial restraints they have going into this season.

– As to the band sadly they are no longer. According to their Wikipedia entry they existed between 1993-95 and reformed again lasting from 2001-05.


» Aberdeen – Sink or Float

» Aberdeen – Drive (on the John Peel show)


Yep there is a band called Arsenal.

Arsenal the band

They are a brand new band from Belgium who will be appearing at this year’s SXSW Festival, which is where I found them. Their MySpace page is here. Like their sound. Recommended.


» Arsenal – Estupendo

» Arsenal – LOTUK

I just looked at the other bands (with football names) that I’ve already got. This could go on a while so I’ll split it up. In the meantime drop me a line with some more suggestions.

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  1. Kaiser Chiefs is another obvious one. What about the French group Air (United) How about players? (Ian) Rush?

  2. There’s the Bees (known as A Band of Bees in the States), like Brentford and (allegedly) FC Bees in the Congo. And the excellent Portugal. The Man (who hail from the notorious Wasilla, AK), but that probably doesn’t count.

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