Carrying on from last weekend

Aberdeen City

From Boston in the USA who use the name of the perennial footballing underachievers.     Maybe.
There is one track on their album which I obviously have to feature… Plus another sample track:

Aberdeen City » Aberdeen City – Brighton

» Aberdeen City – Sixty Lives

More Info: Here, Here and especially here.

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This next lot I’ve featured previously.


The now defunct Washington D.C band have an 80’s electronica sound.
The reason for their first appearance was because they did a song about Kasey Keller and his performance in one match against Brazil. Click the above link to read more.

That song reposted here as well as another track added:

The band Barcelona

» Barcelona – Kasey Keller

» Barcelona – Studio Hair Gel

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Finally for this week – from a suggestion by hoxton fin:

“There’s the Bees (known as A Band of Bees in the States), like Brentford and (allegedly) FC Bees in the Congo….”

The Bees

It doesn’t actually say on the Wikipedia entry as to why they are known as “A Band Of Bees” in the USA. I assume there must be another act who already have that name.

A Band of Bees » The Bees – Left Foot Stepdown

» The Bees – Better Days (Ashley Beedle Remix)

Update: Ah I just looked again and saw. There is another group. They are called The Silver Seas, but are also known as “The Bees”.

Next weekend (or whenever) – the letter C.

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