In honour of Paul Scharner who scored that single Wigan goal today…

There are two sides to Scharner

» [Link] The Mighty Boosh – Electro

Handball ? Probably.
But come on… the other lot had nine – including an o.g from Kirkland, so cut him some slack.

Footballer or Batman villain ?

This is not the first time. He’s got previous.

Natty taste with spectacles too.

[In case you don’t know what I’m talking about:

» Link to video

One Reply to “[Subs Bench] I Am Electro Boy”

  1. 9-1?!?!
    I couldn’t believe it. Actually, I couldn’t believe I woke up early to watch Bolton v. Blackburn (a pedestrian 0-2) when I could have watched Spurs on the Spanish-language channel. Oh well…

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