So on Saturday I named the 1st XI – Here are the ones that didn’t make the cut.

Taking you to to the opposite ends of the musical scale (…I know, I know…) with some some Euro disco err…phat beats… or something…

-> Found via YouTube:
» Dj JuggyBoy – All Together Now (DJ JuggyBoy’s Farm Project Remix)

There are two other ones that are in the same vein: As in add a fast, thumping dance beat and repeat the line “all together now” ad nauseum, the one above is the better of the three because it uses Pete Hooton’s original vocal.

-> Also in the same ballpark is one found via MixMinistry :

» The Farm – Workshy presents All Together Now

This one I like. Extra brownie points to them for doing an excellent dance-type remix which is very listenable. Have a dig around their site to find more goodies.

– –

Now let’s get some culture in you…
You can hear an overlying classical influence in the song. Hooton & co borrowed heavily from Pachelbel‘s “Canon in D Major” and the 2004 mix had the Liverpool St. Francis Xavier Boys’ Choir involved.

Below are some examples of the original classical piece:

» Pachelbel – Canon and Gigue in D

» Slovak Chamber Orchestra – Canon in D Major

– and lastly a stunning version by the Vienna Boys’ Choir :

» Vienna Boys Soprano Choir – Pachelbel Canon in D Major

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